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По мнению председателя жюри Букера 2005 года Джона Кери, "Исмаил Кадаре - писатель, который нарисовал карту целой культуры - ее историю, ее страсти, ее фольклора, ее политики, ее катастроф. Он является универсальным писателем, продолжающим восходящие к Гомеру традиции повествования".

     He's a story-teller – a bard – a rhapsode, indeed, spinning yarns that are always slightly strange yet hauntingly familiar.
David Bellos

     Professor John Carey, Chair of the judges, comments:
     "Ismail Kadare is a writer who maps a whole culture - its history, its passion, its folklore, its politics, its disasters. He is a universal writer in a tradition of storytelling that goes back to Homer."

     Kadare is an explorer of vast areas of human suffering, a writer who recognises, in our myriad conflicts, stories of humour and misery, happiness and treason, evil and greatness, that have changed little since the times of Homer.
Alberto Manguel

     The Spectator
     'He has been compared to Gogol, Kafka and Orwell. But Kadare's is an original voice, universal yet rooted in his own soil.' Shusha Guppy, Independent on Sunday
He has been compared to Gogol, Kafka and Orwell, but his is an original voice, universal but rooted in his own soil.

     He has for long been the best- known Albanian writer of his generation, perhaps of all time, and is one of the most remarkable European novelists of the 20th century. His work is as immense as Balzac's, as unrelenting in its critique of dictatorship as Orwell's, and as disturbingly fantastical as Kafka's. It is an invention as well as a reflection of what it means to be Albanian, and an exploration of both the ugliness and the dignity of a small, ancient, oppressed nation. Kadare is perhaps the last 'national writer' of European history.
David Bellos

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